08 March 2009

Weekend Update

Chad was released to go home midday Saturday after only a few days of in-patient therapy. Evidently the doctors were pleased with his progress and agreed he could go home and continue outpatient therapy three times a week, until the team decides to change frequency or course.

He is so pleased to be home. Delighted to be out of the hospital, with access to his own bed and all of his own stuff, and with Shannon and the pets close by. The pets are thrilled to have Chad home as well, although Shannon said the dogs didn’t make a fuss upon Chad’s arrival. It wasn’t until they left to run a quick errand and came back a short time later that the dogs lost their minds. :)

While home Chad is working very hard relearning all of the things that don’t come easily at the moment, with homework provided by his team of doctors. He is willing to put in long hours with his exercises, with great focus and attention, which is to be expected by anyone who knows Chad. He is so goal oriented, and such a worker, that he will no doubt press on with all of these therapies and make swift and surprising progress.

So for now Chad is enjoying resting at home and training his brain to recover from the trauma of surgery. Shannon is supporting this training in every way and – it must be said – is doing a fantastic job managing all aspects of Chad’s recovery.

Thanks for staying abreast of all-Chad news.


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  1. This is such great news, I am so glad Chad is able to rest at home now! Love you guys!!

  2. Welcome home Chad, and welcome home to Shannon too! It must feel wonderful to be out of the hospital. Sending you LOVE !

  3. Hey Shannon and Chad-
    Just wanted you to know that your peripheral friends are thinking of you too and are overwhelmed by your strength and courage. You are in our prayers consistantly.
    Jessica and Joe Flowers

  4. Chad and I appreciate everyone's support, and Jaime's efforts in keeping us all connected.

  5. Thinking of both of you. I'm so happy you have each other, family and friends. Hugs to you. Big, sloppy hugs.

  6. Chad, hang in there buddy. I went through the same thing in September of '07. Grade 2 mixed glioma, right frontal lobe, two surgeries and one awful infection. Don't push it, relax and gain some strength. Keep fighting it, don't give up. Call me when you can.

    Dave D.

  7. I am a friend of Chads brother Marc, and I would just like to say Chad, you are one strong guy! I wish you all the best with recovery and from everything I have heard about you...You are gonna rock it!

  8. Hi Chad and Shannon,

    Just wanted to let you know that you are in my family's thoughts - stay strong. Great to hear that you're back home again - we all are cheering you on with your recovery. Chad, our team isn't the same without you - hope to see you again someday soon.

    Take care,
    Sara Hunt