22 March 2009

Commentia II

Several of you have asked how to leave a comment on this blog:

This blog allows for anonymous comments, meaning you don't have to have a googlemail or blogger account to post a message to Chad and Shannon.

After an individual post, you'll see a link that reads: "0 comments" or "14056 comments" or whatever number represents the number of comments people have left thus far. Click on that link and any post-related comments will be revealed.

At the end of any previously posted messages, you'll see "post a comment" with a box underneath. Simply type a message and click "post comment."

Voila. :)



  1. Hi Chad and Shannon-
    Lisa (Wiebe) Dodson here -- I'm Cyle's sister. Just wanted to say 'hi' and we're pulling for you and praying for you down here in Texas. I've been reading about Chad's progress and I'm so happy that things are going so well. Keep up the hard work, Chad...

  2. Hello Chad and Shannon-
    Wanted you to know that Adam and I are thinking of you both! We know that if anyone can kick the crap out of this thing, it's you Chad. Keep it up!
    We will keep reading and posting and sending you the healing vibes..

  3. Hey Chad and Shannon.
    Its Jess. I thought I would let you know that I am assembling ribbons for the event(gray for Brain Tumor Awareness). I think I will printout these cards to pin them to. I hope classes are going good and that getting back to work has been as "ok" as getting back to work can be! See you guys soon!

    Love ya both,