12 March 2009

Chadlington Bear

Today Chad had his first day of speech therapy. Most of us imagine that speech therapy is for people experiencing trouble speaking; which Chad isn't, he speaks very clearly. For Chad, the speech therapy is a part of the comprehensive treatment to rebuild those vital information highways within his brain.

But it must be said: he is making incredible progress at home, outside of any expert-led therapy. Shannon and Chad are coming up with all sorts of exercises to heal and strengthen Chad’s brain, and the therapist assured our dear friends that they are doing all the right things at home.

In other important news: Chad is very beardy right now. Not sure I've ever seen him so hirsute! He’s not feeling the need to shave until he can shave his head, which he’ll do after the sutures are removed sometime next week.

Yesterday marked Chad’s final day of meds. Isn't it amazing that he was only prescribed medication to reduce swelling post-surgery, and that he required almost no pain meds? I think I remember that the day after the surgery, they were giving him Tylenol in case he developed a headache. It is rather astonishing I think, that you can have surgery on your brain and that all they’re giving you is a steroid to manage swelling and Tylenol like I have in my medicine cabinet.


What say you, Chad and Shannon supporters?


  1. Yay! Beards. Ben's got a beard right now too. I'm happy therapy (both in home and out of home) is going well. Keep up the good work, we're rooting for you!

  2. Chad,
    You are in good hands with group at Barrow's they come highly recommended. My son had to walk a similar path to your own at 15 months old and is now under follow up care with Dr. Rekate at Barrows. Your surgery took place on his B-day, I'm taking this a sign of your full recovery!! Chad we are all thinking of you here at PETM :) Thanks for setting up the blog. You can do it.

  3. Chad and Shannon,
    You are both in my thoughts everyday. Keep up the good work with your in home therapy, your in good hands with Shannon:) Will see you soon back at PS.

  4. I just want it officially noted that I'm a bit jealous... Tylenol for pain after brain surgery? I have to take more than that for cramps! No fair! :)

    PS..Post a photo of fuzzy Chad as I cannot even imagine it.

  5. All,

    Thanks for the comments-- each new one puts a smile on Chad's bewhiskered face. I'll make sure we get a pic posted of "Red Beard"(for some reason his facial hair is almost completely red?)


  6. Chad I am pleased to learn that your treatments are going well. You are so lucky to have Shannon at your side. You are strong and determined and I have no doubt you will get back to your old self.

    Hope to see you soon and don't hesitate to let me know if I can do anything


  7. i am ron rice, jaimes uncle. i just wanted to send my best wishes and say that i will say a prayer for chad. i have always believed that prayers really get their power when there is action behind them and after reading the website i know that all the love that was on the site is enough to fuel a million prayers and good wishes. best regards, ron :)

  8. Just wanted the two of you to know I am thinking about you both and sending you postive energy for healing. Keep your spirits up and celebrate each victory! Man, I can't wait to see the picture of red beard :-)
    Love you both