27 March 2009

An Open Letter to Chad and Shannon

Dear Chad and Shannon,

This blog was conceived in an effort to centralize communications just after Chad’s initial diagnosis and surgery, when you were being inundated with calls and texts and visits. We wanted you to focus on healing and not feel like slaves to the phone.

From the beginning I never doubted that you both were loved and admired by many, but the readership of this blog has still been surprising.

Were you aware that you had friends all across the country, and indeed all over the world? Hundreds of people are reading your blog each week, from such exotic places as Canada and the US Virgin Islands. One very strange dude checks up on your progress from a far-off and olde tymey land called Windsor, England. And you have friends and family checking in from Florida, New Jersey, Colorado, Texas, Oregon, North Carolina, and surprise! Um... Surprise (Arizona).

You are so loved. Many prayers are being said in your honor, all over the world. So let’s beat this thing, okay? I think we can.




  1. WOW! The love and support has been greater than we could ever imagine. Thanks again to everyone. We'll keep you updated as Chad starts treatment this week; wish him luck!


  2. Good Luck Chad!! Terry and I will continue to send you good thoughts and please let us know if you need anything. Lots of Love!!

  3. I am a friend of Jamies mom(Wandee) as I love to call her, anyway when I worked with her 10yrs ago my son at the time 13 yrs old was diag. w/same type tumor (astrosytoma)on the brain stem grade 1. He is now 24 and doing great!! We had the best care at bni and have the nicest people.Chad hang in there you guys are in the best hands!! Yea for BNI!!!