18 March 2009


Many of you know that Chad and Shannon were planning to commit their eternal souls to one another in Las Vegas in May. Immediately after Chad’s surgery there was some question about whether the happy couple would go ahead with their plans.

Chad and Shannon knew they would get married of course, but with the knowledge that Chad would be in treatment (or possibly just completing treatment) at the time the wedding was scheduled, it was unclear whether he would feel up to either traveling or marrying. So they questioned whether they would keep the date and the location, or change the location, or postpone the date.

At this time Shannon and Chad are moving forward as if they will still marry in Vegas in May. They will see how they are feeling as the next several weeks progress, and will make an ultimate decision about their Vegas wedding one month prior to their planned wedding date, Saturday, May 09, 2009.

We’ll keep you posted.


Now give C and S some sugar:


  1. Hi Chad -- great to hear that you are doing so well. Thoughts are still with you and Shannon. The team is not the same without you. Stay strong! John

  2. Howdy Howdy!! Miss you guys... I hope Chad is having a great week! See you soon....

  3. I'm glad you're still planning on Vegas... I think it will be fun for everyone. And I have a personal in with a paramedic... so even if your treatment isn't quite finished "I got your back!" :)