26 March 2009

Radiate This

Chad was scheduled to begin chemotherapy and radiation on Monday, but the start of his treatment has been delayed to early next week. There is no negative reason for this; Chad’s doctors simply want to be certain that the treatment will be focused for the best possible result, to arrest any possible cancer regrowth.

Shannon says that the doctors are spending quality time with Chad’s MRIs to make sure that when radiation is ultimately administered, it will be focused at the best possible angles and from the most effective directions.

In the meantime, Chad is busy retraining his brain and watching Anchorman.

More soon.



  1. Hmm... I guess a delay is good if it means they are getting everything "just right" but don't they know about the wedding date? Those Dr.'s are pushing it! :) Chad, is Anchorman really necessary?

  2. I think you should watch Elf. It is my fave. I am sending you my good wishes and my prayers to both of you. I love you both and thanks to Jaime, I can be updated daily. She is such a princess. I tell her all the time how all of you are so blessed to have such wonderful friends. I am praying for you.

  3. Anochorman is neccessary, and he also loves Elf; "Smiling is [his] favorite!"