24 March 2009

Do Not Delay

I’m sure many of you plan to participate in the Chad Fights Back Poker Tournament but you’re so super busy you haven’t yet completed a registration form or sent in your entry fee. Or you’re waiting for payday. Or you think you might be able to rig up a hot date for that afternoon so you’re leaving your options open.

Help a brother/sister out and register today.

Registering early ensures your butt has a place to reside during the event. Your confirmed registration also allows the crack team coordinating this effort, led by the superindustrious Amber, to effectively plan for maximum poker fun.

Amber tells me there are some fabulous prizes, by the way. Everyone’s being very generous. I’ll post information about the prizes later this week.

As a reminder, the event takes place Saturday, April 11, 2009 from 2pm to 5pm at the PetSmart Corporate Office. The flyer and registration form can be found within the post from March 22, 2009.

Do it.



  1. Chad and Shannon...just thinking about the two of you tonight and hoping things are going well today. I absoutley think the world of both of you and know that togeather you will make it through this bump in the road. I have been thinking allot about you the past weeks and just think how brave both of you are. Togeather is better.
    Keep laughing togeather as you always do.
    I'm doing some of the saltwater training in the Dallas stores, so we are keeping you in mind on your project...it is all about you.
    Take care and just hug each other.

  2. When I think about Chad and Shannon I think that they are two people who have a perspective on life, that is as large as thier circle of friends. This site is a tribute to that. Lots of love, our prayers and thoughts are with you.
    Kirk and Stacie Warner

  3. I thought I would share this email I got from a great woman about her husband's fight against brain tumors.

    Patsy says, "Jessica, My husband is a 14 year survivor of a Grade 4 GBM. He was diagnosed in 1995, had three surgeries, went through radiation and chemo. The road has not been easy, but it is NOT a death sentence. Patsy B. Reon.".

    WOW! is all I could think and say!

  4. Hey guys! It's awesome to hear about the Poker Tourney. What a neat event. Ben and I are still sending you love and support. Keep it up.

  5. Hey Chad- Thought I would say a quick hello and good to hear you are doing well. Cant imagine you with hair(on your face or on your head!) LOL Someone holding out on pictures or what! :) Mendy