16 March 2009

Sleeping and Sutures and Snark (oh my)

This weekend I asked Chad how he’s been sleeping. When the tumor was first discovered I was a bit haunted by a conversation we’d had two weeks prior, wherein he said that, though falling asleep had never before been as issue, he was experiencing a great deal of pressure in his head every time he “went horizontal.” He assumed it was allergies.

He affirmed that Night is once more a comfortable affair and that he no longer finds sleep difficult to achieve. He said he tires earlier and more easily at the moment, but perhaps that is to be expected following a major surgery and after long days of focused brain-training.

If all goes as planned, I believe the sutures will be removed from the back of Chad’s head on Tuesday. I do hope Shannon took a picture of his hairiness for posterity. If she did and as soon as I get my hands on the shot, I’ll post it here.

And if any of you were worried about whether Chad had sustained any personality changes, do not fear: the snark is back. Damon was really worried there for a moment after the surgery, that Chad would be so nice that he wouldn't like any of us anymore. But I think it is now clear that you can’t take the sass out of our Chad. He invented sass, and cheekiness too.

I just can’t overstate how hard our friend is working to regain his ability to process information. Both Chad and Shannon come at this work with intense motivation and focus. They will no doubt bring the same intensity to the forthcoming fight, where they will beat a nefarious illness into submission. Remission.

And they love each other, so much.


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  1. I know he's doing well....he made fun of Shawnee Saturday night! I was so afraid that he'd forget that he always gives Shawnee a hard time!