20 March 2009


My dad, who is following the blog, asked yesterday why I keep asking (read: begging) for comments. I suppose I never really explained, so here we are: Shannon and Chad read the comments and have said they find great comfort in all of the support. If Chad feels unwell at any point in his course of treatment and is unable to engage with a blog, Shannon has read and promises to continue to read your comments to him.

Life has changed so much for our friends over the last three weeks, it is useful for Chad to know that family, friends and colleagues are thinking of him and encouraging him to press on with his fight.

So show a little love, yo.

This blog allows for anonymous comments, so you need not have a blogger/google account to post good wishes. But please leave your name so Shannon and Chad know who you are.

I promised to post some information about the poker tourney, and will do so at some point later today. Promise.



  1. Am I doing this right?? We'll see, I guess!

    Just got caught up to speed with the blog and we're glad to hear things are progressing well. Waiting anxiously for the Wooly Mammoth pictures!

    Take care, we're thinking about you guys! Kate & Randy Campbell

  2. Your hard work and devotion to recovery is inspiring to us all. Don't hesitate to ask for any support.

    Jeremy and DeAnna

  3. Thanks, guys. It does mean a lot to us to get a little comment here an there, as does the outpouring of support from everyone.
    Shannon and Chad

  4. A new battle is about to begin and I know you are going to kick butt Chad!

    When all of this is over just MAYBE (big maybe)you may get that pillow fight that you always ask us girls about when were out of town.

    Thinking about the both of you and sending you lots of good vibes from the Carolina's!! Love you!!

    Val and Marc