02 April 2009

Update and Reminder

I’m told Chad is doing well with his first few days of chemo, radiation and green medicine.

The green medicine has a name, but I don’t know what it is, and I also don’t know if the medicine itself is green. It is administered intravenously as a part of a clinical trial, its ultimate purpose to make recipients’ bodies more receptive to chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

We’re calling it “green medicine” because it has been known to give a person a certain tint, a special hue. It is just a side effect and isn't permanent, but it can make a person’s skin look a little greenish. So we've all been anxious to discover if Chad would suddenly transform into Shrek.

Shannon says he just looks like he’s had a bit of a spray tan. She also says that so far he’s not feeling too tired or nauseous.

Yay for Chad! He is a superstar. A not-green superstar. :)

Have you registered for the Chad Fights Back Poker Tournament? It is next weekend…

Don’t miss.



  1. That's fantastic, I'm glad it's going ok. Also, I'm serious about finding a pair of purple HULK shorts for Chad.

  2. Oh hey.... you need those big "hulk hands" that make a hulky growl when you punch stuff! I dare you to wear them to the Dr's next time. :)