12 April 2009

Big Weekend

The Poker Tournament was a huge success! More details and photos throughout the week, but for now:

This weekend I met some of Chad's coworkers who hadn't seen him since the brain tumor's surprising and unwelcome appearance. These Chad fans were anxious, wondering if Chad would look or be different than before.

It occurred to me that I had not adequately described Chad's appearance on this blog, and my efforts to get Shannon to take a picture of Chad during his period of intense beardy-ness failed, so no visual evidence was posted here either.

Fear not. He looks great. He is great. Same Chad, same wickedness, same nasty sense of humor. Same generous heart.

Only now he's a few pounds lighter. A bit hairier as well.

Oh, and: no brain tumor.



  1. Great to see and chat with Chad on Saturday he was in great spirits and looked great. Glad to hear the afternoon was a success. - Ian W.

  2. The poker tournament was fun. Amber did such a great job organizing. De told me that Sunday at the station the guys were all "Shuffle and Deal" over the loudspeakers because they kept playing in their down time. :) Thanks for posting pics as I didn't get any of Chad. <3L

  3. Glad to hear the tourney was a hit! Chad, you look great--really happy to see it! It was so nice to see Shannon a few weeks ago and catch up and we're looking forward to seeing you both June 20th!! You guys take care ~Kate & Randy C.