11 May 2009


Chad finished his last day of treatment today. No more chemo, radiation, or green meds for the foreseeable future.

He made it! At the end of these six weeks our friend Chad is still tired, but good.

He will spend the next several weeks recovering, resting and returning to a more typical skin-hue. Less green anyway. In about four weeks, Chad will undergo more testing so the doctors at Barrow can determine the next steps for his treatment.

Shannon said that this morning in the lobby of the radiation unit, the nurse asked who was graduating today. It was Chad.

Yay for Chad, graduating from radiation and chemo and green meds! Now on to the next thing, taking quick steps forward, onward.

Good man.



  1. One small step for Chad - one giant leap for Chadkind! So you graduate in Pheonix and still won't see Obama tomorrow!!! Let us know if you are up to a coffee or lunch soon, we would love to catch up. Best wishes, Ian

  2. Hey Chad,
    I was in Dallas today and sure did think about you and all the work you have done on the 'Saltwater project" Things are looking good for all your hard work you have put into this project.
    Get plenty of rest and just keep getting better. You and Shannon are in my thoughts daily. Karen

  3. CONGRADULATIONS! Yea, a month free. The rest will be good. xxx luv, Dan and Julie

  4. Happy Chemo/Radi Graduation! :) I'm glad you're on a four-week break... enjoy! The Chandler firefighters have been asking about you, so I'll have De pass this message on to them. <3 Laura